Course Syllabus:

See what you'll be learning each week!

Week 1: Snow Leopards, Tigers and Bears - Oh My! Introducing the Animals of the Himalayas.

Week 2: Theories of Evolution and Natural Selection.

Week 3: Jurassic Invertebrates of the Himalayas.

Week 4: Exploring the Himalayan Waterways.

Week 5: The Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal.

Week 6: Birding Across Bhutan.

Week 7: Biodiversity of Mammals inside the Great Himalayan National Park.

Week 8: Bio-Inspired Engineering Design.

Week 9: Final Projects.

Zoology and the Himalayas

Meet Our Course Facilitators!

GeAndra "Ge" Imoudu

Founder | Executive Director | Science + Engineering Facilitator

GeAndra "Ge" Imoudu, an engineer, artist and mom of 3, is a New Orleans, LA native living in Charlotte, NC. She holds a B.S. in Science, Technology and Society from Stanford University, M.S. in Engineering from Tulane University, graduate certificate in Design Thinking from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and MicroMasters® in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Maryland. Ge was an engineering project manager for 10 years before creating and leading PreK-12th grade STEM education programs across the Carolinas. She is currently working towards a doctorate in leadership and learning in organizations at Vanderbilt University.

Proud Member Of:

American Association for the Advancement of Science
National Science Teaching Association
Society of Women Engineers

Christine H. Tran

Global Studies Facilitator

Christine Tran holds a B.A. in History, M.A. in Political Science/International Relations and M.L.I.S., Library & Information Science. She discovered her love of instruction while teaching information literacy at a local university. For the past 10 years, she’s shared her passion for geography, history, and reading with groups of delightfully curious students. In her spare time, she works as a literary journalist for Booklist magazine.


You've got questions. We've got answers!

  • Who should take this course?

    This course is for any student in grades K-8 who loves science and engineering!

    Our flexible online course options allow you to join as a homeschooler looking to cover your core science and social studies or an after school student looking for online enrichment classes.

  • Do all grade levels cover the same material?

    Not exactly. While we will all follow the same weekly themes, like, "Birding Across Bhutan," course material will differ in breadth and depth depending on grade level.

  • Where does this program meet?

    This program meets online. You may choose the live meetings option or move along at your own pace through our flexible online option.

  • What supplies will I need?

    We recommend using a 3-ring binder where you can place all of your printouts and notes. You will also need pencils, pens, crayons, markers, glue and scissors.

    You'll be able to complete weekly projects with simple materials typically found around the house.

  • Do I need to purchase a textbook for this class?

    No. We include all reading material within the course. We also provide a supplemental reading list consisting of popular children's literature that complements this course.

  • Will I be able to download course materials?

    Yes, you will be able to download all course materials.

  • Where do I go if I need support?

    Once enrolled, you will receive the email addresses of course facilitators and teaching assistants who are happy to help you with course materials and any technical issues you may encounter.

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