Fall 2019 – STEM Skool, Inc.

Pre-K to 12th Grade STEM Classes in Charlotte, NC.

2019-20 School Year:

Earth and Space Science + Engineering.

STEM Skool hosts weekly science, engineering and coding classes for Pre-K to 12th grade students in Charlotte, NC.

This year, we will be exploring the field of Earth and Space Science. Units of study include:

  • Mapping and Remote Sensing,
  • Weathering and Soil,
  • Earth Dynamics,
  • Plate Tectonics,
  • Geologic Time,
  • Meteorology,
  • Water Resources,
  • Stars and Galaxies, and more!

This Fall, our theme is Remote Sensing Engineering. We will apply the Engineering Design Process to a real-world engineering challenge in an 8-week session running from September 23rd to November 15th.

All classes meet at the SouthPark Microsoft Store located at 4400 Sharon Rd. Charlotte, NC 28211.

Early Bird enrollment ends May 31st. Click on the enrollment links below to learn more.

Mondays. September 23rd – November 11th:

Special Clubs + Workshops. (Must be enrolled in a STEM Skool class to participate.)

¡Bilingue! Science + Engineering | 3y-6y | W. Hargett | $119 | This class is full. |  Join waiting list..

Remote Sensing Engineering (Spanish Immersion) | 6y-9y | W. Hargett | $119 | Enroll here

Intro to Computer Science | 13y+ | M. DeHarak | $119 | Enroll here

Fridays. September 27th – November 15th:

Remote Sensing Engineering | 6y-9y | G. Imoudu | $119 | This class is full. | Join waiting list

Remote Sensing Engineering | 9y-12y | G. Imoudu | $119 | This class is full.Join waiting list.

Global Studies | 9y-12y | C. Tran | $119 |  This class is full.Join waiting list

Online Classes:

Online classes in Earth and Space Science will complement on-campus engineering classes.

Earth and Space Science | 6y-9y | G. Imoudu | $42 | Enroll here.

Earth and Space Science | 9y-12y | G. Imoudu | $42 | Enroll here.

Our Team:

Ge Imoudu, STEM Skool, Inc. Founder & Science + Engineering Facilitator. Ge holds a B.S. in Science, Technology and Society from Stanford University and an M.S. in Engineering from Tulane University. She was an engineering project manager for over 10 years before developing and facilitating STEM classes for kids in Charlotte, N.C.



Yanira Castro, STEM Skool Community Liaison. Yanira is a communications, public relations and marketing powerhouse who has worked with numerous brands, social justice organizations and non-profits across the U.S. An avid traveler and advocate for self-directed education, Yanira has been a long-time supporter of STEM Skool and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Michael DeHarak, STEM Skool Mathematics and Computer Science Facilitator. Michael holds a degree in Computer Science & Programming and is currently working on a Masters of Business Administration with Purdue University. He has over 10 years of combined experience in computer science ranging from IT security and networking to web and software development.


Whitney Hargett, STEM Skool Spanish Immersion Facilitator. Whitney holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Administration. She is a bilingual mother of 3 who is passionate about teaching children through interactive lessons and hands-on experiences.


Matthew Justice, STEM Skool Software Engineering Facilitator. Matthew previously worked at Microsoft for 17 years in various roles, from debugging the Windows kernel to developing web applications. He’s a hobbyist musician who enjoys playing saxophone and arranging music. Matthew has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee. Matthew grew up in Kingsport, TN, where he met his lovely wife, Suzy. They now have four children and live in Charlotte, NC.


Brett Q. Tempest, Ph.D., P.E., STEM Skool Faculty Advisor. Brett Tempest is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNC Charlotte.  His research is related to the development and performance evaluation of concrete and masonry construction materials, particularly from the standpoint of sustainability. He is also active in engineering education research related to building student diversity and integrating service learning into the engineering curriculum.


Christine H. Tran, STEM Skool Global Studies Facilitator. Christine holds a B.A. in History, M.A. in Political Science/International Relations and M.L.I.S., Library & Information Science. She discovered her love of instruction while teaching information literacy at a local university. For the past five years, she’s shared her passion for geography, history, and reading with groups of delightfully curious homeschoolers. In her spare time, she works as a book reviewer for Booklist magazine.